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Welcome to the Departement and

Practice of Urology at the KLINIK am RING

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In our private practice and patient unit, we offer diagnostics and therapies for all urological diseases according to state of the art techniques and methods.

In addition to the department’s primary therapies for prostate carcinoma and the benign prostate enlargement, we treat the full range of urological diseases. We place great value on treating our patients according to the latest medical findings in the field by utilizing modern techniques that have proven successful and are above all minimal invasive. 

Our highly qualified team cares for your health with dedication and competence. We offer in depth consultation and listen to your personal concerns and needs.

On the following pages, you will find information about related diseases and treatments as well as services offered by our department. We also welcome your contacting us directly. Just contact us!





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Prostate cancer recurrence: radiotherapy combined with hormone therapy

Patients who have recurrent prostate cancer benefit from a combination of radiotherapy and hormone therapy

US panel of experts again recommends PSA test for early detection
Decrease in mortality and metastasis in PSA-tested men
No Disadvantage due to delayed Therapy

Men diagnosed with a localized prostate carcinoma should not be placed under pressure in their choice of treatment

PSMA-PET / CT: Local recurrence or metastatic tumor?

CHAPPP:Study: Higher hit rate of metastasis due to PSMA-PET / CT

FOCUS doctor's advice for Dr. Stephan Neubauer

Dr. Stephan Neubauer is recommended by FOCUS HEALTH twice as a TOP physician.

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